What a Ride!

Have you ever wondered at the turn of events that one encounters on their journey through this life? We start out with such great intentions and then, whoosh, we get waylaid. This blog is a case in point. My first passion is writing and while I have completed two more NaNoWriMo novels, I’m not any closer to having any of my novels published.

While I publish articles and other pieces virtually every day at my 8 to 5 job, personally, I just haven’t made any headway on the novel front. Why? you ask. Well, let’s just say that my focus has broadened significantly over the past couple of years. I have now taken on photography, which has also been integrated into my work life. I am doing all of the advertising, media, and website/blog information for my department, which incorporates both my writing and photography and graphics skills.

Then, to add to the chaos, I have also been focusing on my health and wellness, changing my eating and exercising. My goal is to be healthy and vital until I am at least 120 years old! I’m not quite halfway there, so my kids better look out! Given that I’m an adrenaline junkie with a love for speed

As part of this wellness journey, I’ve just discovered Young Living Essential Oil products. We have all used essential oil based products all of our lives, but never connected the dots. What a change these have made. I totally love their cleaning products, but the oils themselves, are the best in the world. Yes, I’ve done my research and then some. What a difference they have made in the health of my family and our furry ones.

I feel I have been on an incredible learning journey. From improving my writing, to learning to use a DSLR camera, to using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, to building media and websites, to health and wellness, I have been on one heck of a ride. I sure hope it continues!


Merry Christmas

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is now over, but certainly not forgotten. It was a month that brought forth wonderful new ideas and the beginning of a new novel. Even though I “won” in NaNoWriMo, I am far from finished with the project I began and need to continue to its conclusion. I am forever grateful for the leaders of the organization who promote literacy, the people around the world who participate and share ideas, but most of all, the push to write with no holds barred and allow my creativity to flow instead of stunting it with constant editing. Oh, the freedom it gave me when I learned to turn off my internal editor and allow the words to flow uninhibited over the page. Instead of writing being arduous, suddenly I was on an adventure filled with surprising twists and turns I never even dreamed of. Sitting down to write is now as fascinating as sitting down to read a good book or watch a movie. Although I have the basic premise and many times an outline for the work I’m writing, I allow it the freedom to fly and explore.

I have also learned that rabbit trails can be effective, if not allowed to undermine your work. In other words, judicious use of rabbit trails can lead to more fleshed out characters (whether you use the information in the final piece or not), an additional story line to add interest to your work, or possibly turn into a far more interesting path than the one you are currently on. Rabbit trails can be edited out, either entirely or utilizing bits and pieces that build on your story. But, if you don’t allow for a certain amount of free-flowing creativity, whether writing fiction or non-fiction, then your work will be stunted and dull. I utilize free-writing in both types of writing. As you get more proficient, the less editing you have to do, as your developed sense of style will make your writing have the special flair only you can give it.

My challenge to you is to take advantage of this wonderful time of the year to stop and just observe the world around you. Writers use much of what they observe in their writing. Behaviors, relationships, giving, receiving, the good, the bad, whatever you see, whether it’s family, people-watching, or nature, take advantage to absorb it and file it away in your mental file cabinet and then write a descriptive piece of what you saw, what you felt, what the impact was for you. It is amazing how much what we see and feel finds its way into our work, and when we have stored lots of observations away, then we have a wealth to choose from. Remember, the negative is just as important as the positive. In fact, break it down even further. Ask yourself questions as you mull it over. What makes something negative? What is your reaction to it and why? How do others react? Who would react positively to it and why? These types of exercises open the door for understanding motivation and are very valuable to your writing. So, look around you. See around you. Absorb. You will grow as a writer because of it.

Happy observation and Merry Christmas.

It’s NaNoWriMo Time


Participant-2014-Web-BannerCan yoParticipant-2014-Square-Buttonu believe it? November is National Novel Writing Month. It’s the time when those of us who love to write join thousands, if not millions, of other writers in a group effort to set the stories that have been clamoring for life to be set free. Another fantasy novel is wanting to take flight and I can hardly wait to see it spread its wings.

For those of you who have a story wanting to be written but have never thought you could or are looking for inspiration, look no further. Come join me and others at NaNoWriMo and give your story life.


Welcome to my blog, A Write Idea. This is the place where I hope to share ideas on being a better writer and to enjoy and learn from the beauty around you. I am an avid reader, as well as a writer, so I learned the joys of a good story from a very early age. There is nothing like the feeling of being in a room full of books, inhaling the unique scent that only comes with well-loved pages where new adventures await simply by opening the cover of a book and stepping in. And, what adventures they are, where one day you could be captaining your own ship on the high seas, or searching for lost treasure in the wilds of Peru, or visiting the Greek gods of old, or finding friendship and families from characters you connect with and take into your heart.

There is nothing like the written word. It’s what has enabled us to record history, to teach, to learn, to explore, and to create. It has the power to enlighten as well as destroy. Bring great joy and also despair. Each word is special and brings with it an opportunity, depending on our perceptions. As a woman and writer who embraces the beauty of our natural world and feels there is enough darkness in our lives, I seek to create worlds of words which will, in the end, bring a sense of well-being. 

Please join me in my adventures and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as we travel down a path of great possibilities and enormous fun!